Whether you're an independent author, start up, small business, or hobbyist, Love Sudo will help you connect.

We have one goal here at Love Sudo: To see your goals reached while empowering you to make choices that do not bleed your wallet.

Our Team

Josey has always been fascinated by reading, people, and technology. She found a way to combine her three passions together in Love Sudo. Our Josey...
  • ...offered security advice and suggestions to Keith Stuart on his Guardian article about having his laptop stolen.
  • ...read 500 books last year. She's only slightly obsessed with books and may one day publish her own stories.
  • ...is an early adopter and tester of new technologies, tinkering with them to learn how to best make use of all the new toys.
  • ...has an ever growing rubbery ducky army to empower her development.
  • ...is a host on a podcast dedicated to dev called Documentation Not Included.
  • ...is so obsessed with information security, she got a Masters Degree in it.
  • ...runs a Discord for writers, helping them connect and achieve their unique writing goals.
  • ...is a proud GitKraken Ambassador (referral link) and inspired the Ada Lovelace Keif!

Our Tech

We have experience with a wide range of technologies. Here are just a few platforms and tools we have experience with:

Proud Ambassador

Our Josey is a proud Ambassador for GitKraken (referral link) and while she does not work for Axosoft, the fantastic company behind the powerful visual git tool, or GitKraken, she is always willing to help you learn about git, the tool itself, or just talk workflows in general.

If you're interested in learning more about GitKraken, check out their site, explore their community, and git involved!

Reach out to see how Love Sudo can help you!

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