Combine Our Services

More often than not, we've found our clients want a little bit of everything in order to reach their goals. We're happy to discuss your options with you. Here are two ways you can make use of our All-in-One Support.

Complete Author Platform

No author should be without a solid platform on which they can stand to promote their stories. This can include:

  • Author Website
  • Marketing Plan
  • Beta Readers
  • Reviewer Reachout
  • Social Media Planning
  • Blog Content Planning
  • ...and more!

Community Development

Building a community around a product can be difficult while trying to build the product itself. Love Sudo can help by:

  • Handling Social Media
  • Building Marketing Plan
  • Build/Engage Community
  • Editorial Content Plans
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Translating Devspeak to Users
  • ...and more!

Don't just take our word for it!

  • Love Sudo is Josey, but Josey is so much more than Love Sudo. She’s unquestionably the kindest, most caring person I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, and is likely also the most intelligent.

    It’d be impossible to list all of the ways she’s helped me over the years, and most go well beyond any reasonable expectation of a virtual assistant. My author platform, marketing strategy, social networking plan, book formatting, and so much more exists because of Josey. 

    I’m biased at this point, obviously, and I couldn’t imagine trying to become a professional artist without Josey’s tireless devotion to my progress. She’s set me up for success, and I have boundless faith in her ability to do the same for you. Love Sudo, I know I do.
    Storyteller, Writer, Creater and Destroyer of Worlds
  • "Josey has saved my writing career! First off, I love my website, but Josey does so much more for floundering authors. She wrangled all my scattered ideas, homeless characters, and pesky plot bunnies. Then she forced me to give each of them the attention they deserve, when they deserve it… or else I get the pink sparkly whip! She’s fluent in Neurotic Author, which is so hard to come by in this field."
    Writer, Mother, Lover of Great Books
  • Saying that Josey is an excellent professional would be an understatement. What she brings to our company is not just a set of skills and the diligence to put them to work, but also a warmth and humanity that I have never seen in anyone else. 

    She cares deeply about her work, but also about the people she works with, and she takes it on herself to make sure that everyone is happy and enjoying their day. 

    From the moment we started working together, she became a crucial part of our company, and her broad knowledge proved to be useful in any situation we were facing. Most of all, we all gained a new best friend, someone we trust because she always has our best interests at heart.
    Startup CEO