Love Sudo on Retainer. Our 100% Focus on You.

We offer discounts if a current client introduces us, you are a charity/society that relies on donations to survive, or you need extra support to get your project on track.

£ 70 50 /h (further discounts possible)

Get dedicated attention and time from Love Sudo to see your goals reached. We want to see you succeed.

  • You're In Control ⏤ You can pick how many hours at a time you want us to work on your needs.

  • We Always Give Estimates ⏤ You'll never be blindsided by an invoice. We give clear estimates for how long any task in a project will take.

  • Further Discounts Possible ⏤ We know how challenging it is to simply survive right now. Reach out and see if we can offer discounts that help.