About Love Sudo

Our Philosophy

We're fascinated by technology here at Love Sudo. However, we're not blind to the challenges technology brings to our world. This means we take a strong philosophical stance on hosting, development, security, and privacy.

We've rescued a lot of clients from hosting solutions that put their business at risk. We've also guided a lot of clients towards digital security from password management to handling parasocial relationships.

We believe in education and we work to translate the strange jargon used for tech, and its problems, into managable and meaningful context for our clients.

Our S.P.A. Treatment

We put a very heavy focus on Security, Privacy, and Agency for our clients, regardless of the type of project.

  • Security: Security has trade-offs. We know and understand what those trade-offs are, and we're always looking for ways to improve the security of our clients, their clients, their sites and so much more.
    • Secure Methods of Contact: Many of our clients prefer to work with us via chat instead of email. While we request the first method of contact be via our contact form, or by recommendation (if you're recommended you will get a discount), we are happy to continue conversations via Signal.
  • Privacy: You should be allowed to make choices about what data is collected about you, how it is stored, how it is used, and when it should be deleted. This includes data collected about your business.
  • Agency: You should be allowed to own your own digital presence. This includes not being beholden to hosting solutions that could drop your high-risk business off the internet with no warning.

Our Motto

We have one goal here at Love Sudo: To see your goals reached while empowering you to make choices that do not bleed your wallet. Our motto? We're here to help, not hinder.

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