Meet Our Team

Josey and her large rubber duckie

Josey Howarth

Director, Security Enthusiast, Passionate Project Person

  • - Has an ever growing rubber ducky navy.
  • - Host on a podcast dedicated to development called Documentation Not Included.
  • - Is so obsessed with information security that she got a Masters Degree in it.
  • - Offered security advice/suggestions to Keith Stuart on his Guardian article about having his laptop stolen.
Dan smiling

Dan Howarth

Director, Infrastructure, Accounting

  • - Nearly 20-year career in enterprise Hosting and Managed Systems organisations.
  • - Extensive knowledge of the various Linux-based operating systems, and monitoring them with various kinds of tooling.
  • - Has an identical twin brother.
  • - Licensed ham radio operator, which has taken him as far as Guernsey for a ham radio contest.
Josey and her large rubber duckie

Menno Wemekamp

Developer, Problem Solver, Lover of Belgian beers and Scottish Whiskey

  • - Enjoys discussions about string theory and other topics about theoretical physics.
  • - Enjoys problem solving and organising.
  • - Fascinated by tech security.
  • - Has an epic beard that may, or may not, be sentient.
Sebrina reading a book

Sebrina Eden


  • - Organiser of chaos, but not her chaos because chaos and coffee sustains the ever pressing inspiration that floods her writer brain.
  • - Researcher of random topics that don’t relate to each other
  • - Did you know the Etruscans had their own gods separate from the ones the Romans worshipped?
  • - Or that there’s a type of divination in which blades are used?
Agnes showing a leaf she found

Agnes Annie III

Moral Support, Office Shenanigans

  • - Enjoys long walks.
  • - Tries to communicate with every client during virtual meetings.
  • - Engages in daily motivational speeches at the exact moment they are needed.