Tailored Virtual Assistance

Working on a new book, project, or start up can be daunting, especially if you find yourself working alone or in a very small team. Love Sudo knows this pain and works with you to build a virtual assistance experience that helps you accomplish your goals, no matter how small. 

Author Support

Love Sudo helps you get your books out from idea to post publication marketing. Take time to write and let us handle everything else.

Project Management

Wonder if there is a better workflow that will help you keep on track? We work with you to help manage your resources,  tasks, milestones, and more. 

Social Media

What should you post? When? Where? Love Sudo works with you to find the right social media plan to accomplish your goals.

"Josey helped me set up my project management platform. I’m still amazed at the speed she was able to break down my usual workflow and organize it. In what felt like a few minutes, Josey was able to wrangle information from me about the chaos that used to be my workflow. She broke it down and organized it in record time (still amazed). 

Then she showed me how to apply this with a project management platform. All in all, her help has drastically improved productivity, issue tracking and time management. I would recommend Josey for anyone who needs structure and organization in their work"
Marine Automation R&D

We're currently not accepting new clients.

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