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Protecting Lives Through Privacy

Your users safety is important too!

Our client, who remains anonymous for privacy reasons, works with clients whose lives are literally in danger. It is important for them to be able to offer services through their website, but any contact must be handled in a secure way.

They now:

  • Do not store Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on their servers
  • Have encrypted communications on their site


Our client’s visitors ranged from journalists to users who required their services to help save their lives. The users were known to reach out through any method they could. This included calling, email, contact forms addressed to anyone, and more. By default, their website recorded all communication via the site.

The goals:

  • Ensure all contact is secure
  • Prevent storage of PII
  • Offer ways for users to reach out securely (live chat)

How Love Sudo Helped

We implemented SSL for their site which encrypted communication between their visitors and the website. We modified their site’s data storage process to ensure that no message or contact through the site was recorded. We helped implement a Live Chat that was secure for their clients.

We continue to help by:

  • Monitoring access
  • Implementing new security features as required

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